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Engadget's Best of CES

The economy has sent many tech companies into a defensive crouch -- laying off employees and cutting spending. In many ways, that makes 2023 a good time for innovation. The choices that big players are forced to make will reveal more about their deep beliefs, and there is a bit more breathing room for adequately funded start-ups and smaller players to compete. As the economic cycle turns, and the fog of uncertainty clears, the stage is set for smaller innovators to both compete better, and to become attractive acquisition targets for bigger firms who will be playing some innovation catch-up. The heat of innovation appears to be focused on AI at the moment, but CES shows a great breadth of new ideas applied to practical (and not so practical) products.

Engadget brings you its take on CES 2023. After several years of severely dampened pandemic era news from CES, 2023 ramps up coverage with plenty of reviews, awards, and insight. A few

things that caught my attention:

  • A finger tip blood pressure monitor -- no cuff necessary, as easy as a pulse ox you may have gotten used to during the pandemic

  • More giant TV screens with incredible clarity, and now with wireless audio and video input

  • Exo-skeleton body wear that assists in warehouse and other physical labor -- seems transformative and worker friendly.

For much, much more The Full Article from Engadget.

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